About Pivot Care Group Ltd

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide flexible, community-based care support of the highest standard that promotes independence, dignity and choice.

Our values

In delivering our services, we aim always to ensure that the following values is reflect in what we do:

We care with love and respect in a manner that promotes dignity, independence and choice

We ensure that our service user’s voice is heard

We listen to our service users by adopting active listening skill

We go all-out for the best outcomes for our service users

We are accountable and take responsibility for our action and in- action

We build trust

We do the extra mile

Our Commitment to you

What makes our homecare services standout is that we put you first. Our aim is to provide you with the same standard and quality of care that we would expect for our own friends and families. To deliver care which improves the lives of people and that treats them, and their families, with love, respect, dignity and compassion. We believe that everyone is unique, we value that uniqueness in everyone and see everyone as an individual this means that your care and support is tailored to your needs. We work with you and your friends and families in ensuring that you stay in control of your own for as long as you are able to.

Pivot Care Group Limited’s services are flexible and respond to your changing priorities and needs. We work in partnership with your, your friends and families to ensure that you are in control of your own care as far as you are able. We will always ensure that actively involved in your care and support, this is why we always listen carefully to what you tell us about how you want to receive your care and support.

We will contact you to introduce ourselves to you and to ensure that we are responsive to your changing priorities we will allocate a care coordinator to you who will work with you in ensuring that your package of care runs smoothly.

We go the extra mile!

We do not put profit above quality.

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