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What makes our homecare services standout is that we put you first. Our aim is to provide you with the same standard and quality of care that we would expect for our own friends and families.

To deliver care which improves the lives of people and that treats them, and their families, with love, respect, dignity and compassion. We believe that everyone is unique, we value that uniqueness in everyone and see everyone as an individual this means that your care and support is tailored to your needs. We work with you and your friends and families in ensuring that you stay in control of your own for as long as you are able to.

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Choosing the Pivot Care Group

Our social care workers provide expert care and support for a broad range of service users. We offer:

  • Homecare for Adults and Older Adults – We support our service users with their day to day living activities, social inclusion and Personal Administration in their own home with specialist or complex needs, such as physical or learning disabilitiesor dementia. We also offer dedicated care support for people at the end of life.
  • Reablement support to help people regain independence after a period of illness, injury or hospitalisation.
  • Live-in support and respite support for family carers.
  • Care services of all kinds overnight, either as a sleep-in or a ‘waking night’.

Pivot Care Group provides high quality of care and support to thousands of people in the community, with services commissioned through local authorities or purchased privately by individual service users and or their families.

Homecare for Adult and Older Adults




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